Veeam released Veeam B&R 9 Update 2, which contains some significant improvements such as NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3.2 support and VMware VSAN 6.2 support. You can find more information about the release here.

This article provides a step by step guide for an update from Veeam Backup & Replication 9 (version or to Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 (version

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2

For more security:

The first step is to realize a configuration backup of Veeam server (“Configuration Backup” menu on the screenshot below) and if the Veeam Backup Server is deployed on a Virtual Machine, execute a backup of this VM with Veeam B&R.

Veeam MenuWhen the backup is done, you can close Veeam software and restart the Windows server to clear any locks on the Veeam services (reboot). Basically I recommend you to stop properly the 6 or 7 Veeam services before upgrading (services.msc).

Running the Installer:

You have to run the installation file “veeam_backup_9.0.0.1715.update2_setup.exe”.

1.png?w=620Veeam now preparing the wizard.

Installation Wizard:

Once installation wizard is launched, click on “Next” button.

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardThen Veeam will prompt to install the update 2, click “Install”.

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardThe update took about few seconds to complete.

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardVeeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardOnce the upgrade completed, a prompt appeared to finalize the installation. Click on “Finish” button.

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardPost Reboot:

When the upgradre is done, I recommend you to restart properly the Windows server (reboot) and start the Veeam services.

Upon opening Veeam B&R, a prompt will appear to update the components (especially the Veeam Backup Server and the Proxy Server). Click on “Next” button.

7.png?w=620Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardFinally, when all components have been upgraded, you can click on “Finish” button.

Veeam B&R 9 Update 2 WizardYou can check the version in “About” tab (“Help” menu) :

Veeam B&R 9 does not require new job creation or any architecture changes for your existing backups and replication to work. If there are dedicated Veeam proxy servers in the environment, now is a good time to upgrade those servers, otherwise, Veeam is now ready to use.

As a result of on-going R&D effort and in response to customer feedback, Update 2 includes over 300 enhancements and bug fixes, the most significant of which are listed here.

You can learn more about Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 here.