To set QoS or Quality of Service successfully, we first want to know the rates that the internet circuit is stable at.

– What does that mean?

When running a capacity speed test (such as, the results will reflect the speed of the circuit, however the circuit will not be stable at those speeds.

To find the stable speeds of the circuit, we recommend using an application speed test.

For the purposes of this knowledge article, we will assume that the application speed test results for the circuit, which we will be using for service, has 1.5 MB down and 1.5 MB up (this is just an example, results will differ for each internet circuit).

For this example, we will be using five phones (we allocate 100 KB per phone) which means that we will want to reserve 500 KB for all phones.

The remaining bandwidth, which is 1000 KB or 1MB will be used for data.

Lastly, voice will be given the highest priority and data the lowest priority.

  • 500k for voice with highest priority
  • 1M for data with lowest priority

– But, how does the Mikrotik know the difference between voice and data traffic?

Managle rules will be added that will mark the connection to and from our RTP proxy ( and then mark those packets.