Mikrotik is working as dhcp, dns, and default gateway for local network.

Extra Requirement:

Mikrotik only assign ip address(es) to authorized client(s) in our local network!

Here are the steps to achieve this requirement:

Connect to the Mikrotik router using it’s ip address through web browser:

Click on the button, select the ip address of Mikrotik, enter username and password, then click Connect:

IP —>DHCP Server

From the Leases tab, select the client(s), which are authorized to take ip address from Mikrotik router (in future) and then click Make Static:

Move to the DHCP tab and double-click on the DHCP Server and select the static-only from Address Pool drop down menu:

After that, only authorized client(s) will get ip address from Mikrotik. If you want that new client get an ip address from Mikrotik, then you can select the dhcp_pool1 from Address Pool drop down menu. After that Mikrotik will assign an ip address to new client, make this ip address to static (as described above) and select static-only again in order to disallow ip address assignment to unknown client(s).

Hope this will help you!