This book is a beginner’s guide to Asterisk and VoIP. This book is a road map to your first successful installation of an Asterisk telephone system. The path you need to take is documented step-by-step The information you need is all here in a single place. This is not a beginner’s guide to Linux in that assume you already are a skilled Linux and network administrator. However, you do not need grea expertise in telephony or IP telephony to benefit from this book
Asterisk software turns an inexpensive PC architecture server running Linux or Unix into a reliable, sophisticated, full-featured enterprise telephone system. Because Asterisk is free and runs on an industry standard PC platform, an Asterisk system will cost you far less than any traditional, proprietar PBX. With Asterisk, you can quickly and easily build a sophisticated business telephone system for any enterprise, no matter how large or small. Because it is reliable, free and effective, and because it i based on modernInternet protocols, Asterisk will replace many legacy telephone systems in the marketplace.
Asterisk is far less expensive and much more effective that any competing telephone system. Asterisk provides all the functionality of a traditionalPBX, but it also provides new features and capabilities a legacyPBX can’t offer. Because Asterisk is open you can change it and tune it as needed, unlike legacy systems which only provide closed black boxes with closed interfaces. With Asterisk you will neve again get locked into proprietary obsolete equipment from an unappealing single-source vendor.

This book documents the first release of Asterisk. Asterisk is quickly evolving which makes it exceedingly difficult to completely and effectively document. Thus, this book is not a complete guide to all the functionality Asterisk provides. Not every Asterisk feature is covered, not every covered feature i covered completely. None-the-less, this book should help you more quickly come up to speed wit Asterisk. I have tried to write the book I wanted to have while I was learning Asterisk

I have worked extremely hard to assure the accuracy of this text, and others have greatly contributed in their review of this book, but errors are unavoidable. If you find an error, please let me know with mai or by going to our Web page at so that we can fix it for the next edition. While this book is the result of the contribution of many people, the errors o omissions are my responsibility alone.

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