Pinegrow Web Designer is desktop app that lets you mockup and design webpages faster with multi-page editing, CSS and LESS styling, and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular JS, and WordPress.

What’s New

Version 2.21:Note: Pinegrow 2 Standard is a free upgrade for license owners of version 1. Owners of a Personal license can upgrade to Pinegrow WP (WordPress) for $50; owners of a Company license can upgrade for $80.

  • Editing code – With Pinegrow you can either edit the HTML code of the whole page or the code of the selected element. Both editors incorrectly reported syntax errors and had problems keeping up with your super-fast ten-fingers typing. This has now been fixed and improved. Personally, I’m still not happy with code editing in Pinegrow and plan to rewrite that part in the upcoming releases. Using an external code editor alongside Pinegrow is the best way to work around any code editing issues. You can use your favorite code editor or IDE to edit HTML and CSS source files and when you save the changes, Pinegrow will auto-refresh the page.
  • Exporting WordPress themes in trial mode – Exporting theme created with File -> New page didn’t do anything. That was not our intention and it has been fixed. Now you’ll be able to export the theme. Please note that saving the source HTML files in trial mode is disabled. You’ll get a fresh 7 days trial period with this release. This means that you can finally play around with Blocks for WordPress themes.
  • Other WordPress builder bug fixes
    • require_once paths for Bootstrap navigation menu walker are now correct on all platforms.
    • Body class action works again.
    • Paths of theme source files can now include .html in folder names (that one was silly).
  • Smart WordPress navigation menus – What’s the part of WordPress theme creation process dreaded by most developers? Getting navigation menus to work! Specifically, getting WordPress to output the menus in a way that conforms with menu layout of your framework or web builder tool. For Bootstrap we solved this problem a while ago by adding a Menu type = Bootstrap property to the Navigation menu action. But what about other frameworks or your custom menu layouts? Now, you can set Menu type to Smart. Pinegrow will auto-detect the layout of menu items and of the element that is wrapping the menu items. Pinegrow will then add a special custom-build menu walker to your theme and configure it to work with your menu layout. All of this happens automatically, you just have to set the Menu type property to Smart. And, that’s not just some hack. Custom menu walkers are the official WordPress approach for customizing the menu output. Optionally, you’ll also have to tell Pinegrow which class you want to use to mark current menu items (for example, “active”). There is a property for that as well. Simply enter the class name and Pinegrow will take care of the rest.


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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